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Lease / Management contacting

There are always probability of properties which is for leasing out / management contacting out. Our company can facilitate with the services needed.

Assets Management

We assist when, where and how to invest money which is projected by the investors. Its decisions will be in line with their declared investment goals.

Pre opening services

The pre opening services are more likely related to assist owners to launch their product and position well in the market. We fulfill the essential requirements upon the demand made to us.

Learning & Training Services

Here we assist the organization to train their employees for business growth and improvement in service standards. We conduct training classes and mock drills to teach the employees and groom them for business development.

Manpower Management

If any organization is struggling with shortfall of quality employees / manpower then kindly contact us we will fill the gap of employee shortage.

Pesticide / Chemical Treatment Services

We provide complete treatment pertaining to pesticide related issues and chemical treatment during the construction of buildings etc.